I threw together a gif for my dA profile image lol


I had to shrink it because it only accepts 50×50 gifs




Let me be real with you guys.   I ended up not going back to school this semester.
My desktop computer broke and I decided to replace it instead of taking the class

I suck.

Also I have nothing to post
so here is a desktop screenshot lmao


Blargg (Feat. Manga Studio)

I had to cut someone out of my life today. They were acting pretty toxic towards me and I had enough of the drama to be honest.

on a fun note, I’ve been using Manga Studio. It’s pretty cool haha.


Oh also On Wednesday I might go to college’s main campus to get financial aid processed. I can’t go to school without it lmao (poor)


I tried to redraw a cute creature/Pokemon thing I did all the way back in 2010.

The Redrawjester2

original pic


I can’t believe that 2010 was 8 years ago. It’s been so long since I’ve been out of high school…

Honestly, I would have never thought up of a design like this nowadays. Maybe I had a broader imagination as a teenager idk.