5 Years Later…

2010-2015 progress!!
I’ve really grown as an artist the past 5 years. Here’s to many more!!


Mayyyyyy ♥


It’s May!!~ Really happy about how this drawing turned out haha.

I’ve been really neglecting this blog, mostly due to the fact that I have no idea what to draw most of the time, and Lazyness orz
but yeah/////



This started out an eye style test, and I ended up with this.

…I need to update this blog more often ahhahaha
It’s just that most of the stuff I draw are either unfinished, experimental scribbles, or literally heads
yeah orz

Also! I applied to my Uni of choice last week for fall 2016.
I’ve done/tried this before, but couldn’t follow through due to financial problems.   But now due to a certain “thing” happening, I can apply without worrying about money as much.
that’s a good thing! haha!!