~Magic Pocket~


I would like to announce that I’ve opened a collaborative artblog/doujin circle called “MagicPocket”

I currently have no goals or projects for it just yet beyond posting art, but in the future I would adore to collaborate on things!

Here is the link 

you can easily create an account there. Message me on Deviantart if you want to be an author! (I’m limiting the author count to 15)



I haven’t been drawing that much this month because I’ve been focusing my my health and losing weight again, but here’s a Larvitar I scribbled for the heck of it.

Time to study

Today, because I felt an unusual burst of energy, I decided to stop messing around and study a bit of art and anatomy!
The first subject I’m trying out is head and facial anatomy.

2018-08-28 (5)

These are my notes after about an hour and a half of jotting things down from a book…

2018-08-28 (6)

…and this is my putting my notes to good use haha. I’m proud of myself tbh.
Will this productivity last? I honestly hope so…..!!

Also I never posted this here but my Surface Laptop came in 2 weeks ago and I love it <33



Let me be real with you guys.   I ended up not going back to school this semester.
My desktop computer broke and I decided to replace it instead of taking the class

I suck.

Also I have nothing to post
so here is a desktop screenshot lmao


Blargg (Feat. Manga Studio)

I had to cut someone out of my life today. They were acting pretty toxic towards me and I had enough of the drama to be honest.

on a fun note, I’ve been using Manga Studio. It’s pretty cool haha.


Oh also On Wednesday I might go to college’s main campus to get financial aid processed. I can’t go to school without it lmao (poor)