Let me be real with you guys.   I ended up not going back to school this semester.
My desktop computer broke and I decided to replace it instead of taking the class

I suck.

Also I have nothing to post
so here is a desktop screenshot lmao



Blargg (Feat. Manga Studio)

I had to cut someone out of my life today. They were acting pretty toxic towards me and I had enough of the drama to be honest.

on a fun note, I’ve been using Manga Studio. It’s pretty cool haha.


Oh also On Wednesday I might go to college’s main campus to get financial aid processed. I can’t go to school without it lmao (poor)

Life vent stuff~

2016-09-21-2Hey friends!~
On the 28th of this month, I have a appointment with my local DVR.   My disability, and social anxiety make it hard for me to find a job to be honest.   What I’m hoping they’ll do is help me get work somewhere even for minimum wage.  If not, I hope I can get something out of this.

I’m also trying to work out and diet.   I honestly want to turn my fat belly toned and slim. I still have a long way to go, Considering i’m ~360lbs, and my goal is ~180…. ;u;

Besides life issued, I’ll TRY to update this blog more lol
it’s just that my drawings aren’t very interesting. but yeah haha



This started out an eye style test, and I ended up with this.

…I need to update this blog more often ahhahaha
It’s just that most of the stuff I draw are either unfinished, experimental scribbles, or literally heads
yeah orz

Also! I applied to my Uni of choice last week for fall 2016.
I’ve done/tried this before, but couldn’t follow through due to financial problems.   But now due to a certain “thing” happening, I can apply without worrying about money as much.
that’s a good thing! haha!!